Essay on The Incident Of Titanic Is Just Like The Pictuarization Of Morgan

Essay on The Incident Of Titanic Is Just Like The Pictuarization Of Morgan

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1a.) The hypothesis, which is being addressed here is that, some humans have extra-sensory perception and with the help of that, they can communicate with others. According to Dr. Venkman, he believes that real psychics have special clairvoyant powers that non-psychics do not possess. 1b.) The fact sheet of John A Thomas addressed many evidence of ESP, which happens in past hundred years. From these evidence I am going to discussed two of them, which shows the proof of ESP. In his fact shift he gave us an insight about the incident of titanic. The incident of titanic is just like the pictuarization of Morgan Robertson book Futility, which was written in 1898. In his book, he wrote about a destruction of huge and luxurious liner named titan, which was destroyed when it came in contact with an iceberg in a foggy night. Due to the destruction of the boat and the shortage of lifeboats, a lot of people died. According to the ESP believers, the story of Robertson was a clairvoyant because it looks like a natural pictuarization of his book in form of the destruction of the Titanic. The incident happens after fourteen year in the same time of the day and the titanic was facing the same circumstances as it was described in a book. On the other hand, there was a lot of skepticism ESP supporters faces from ESP skeptics when they given an example of Robertson’s Futility. Skeptics say that Robertson had good amount of knowledge about ships and the way they work because he had already worked in that field. So, there is higher possibility that using his prior knowledge he had created this fiction and there is no involvement of ESP in his incident. The second evidence that was described in Thoma’s article was the evidence from th...

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...way is that the participants of the control group that Dr. Venkman have tested gave him a right answer then the participants he tested in psychic group. 4c.) I can conclude that, testing only two participants from each groups does not make it legit that psyches do not have clairvoyance or clairvoyance does not exist. He needs to be tested more individuals from both groups so he can get better results. Because testing two individuals is not going to explain anything about clairvoyance. 4d) The way we can improve this study, we can go through the studies that has been conducted in past. In addition to that, the group size should be bigger than the one mention above and we can consider the other factors like race, gender and age. Except them the other factor we can consider the alterations in a day testing we could also begin late-night testing and conclude from that.

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