The Night To Remember And It's A Night To Remember

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542 words

We have all heard about the Titanic. Either we have watched the romance movie or done our research in a different way. No matter where we get our information from we know the biggest parts of the tragedy. The ship Titanic crashed into an iceberg on a cold April night on the Atlantic Ocean while sailing its first trip. But haven’t you ever wanted to know more details about? Maybe how the people who were on it and survived? How could the situation be prevented? Couldn’t they have saved more people? Well in the book “A Night to Remember” it has details on the Titanic you have probably never thought of knowing. While reading the first chapter some parts really caught my attention. One was when people felt the jolt from the collision with the ice berg people didn’t suspect what tragedy was to come. A girl named Marguerite Frolicher, who was accompanying her father on a business trip, woke up with a jump since she was half asleep she was thinking about ‘little white lake ferries’ landing sloppily which made her laugh and thought to herself “Isn’t it funny…we’re landing!”. They really did...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the titanic crashed into an iceberg on a cold april night on the atlantic ocean while sailing its first trip.
  • Explains that they read the chapter and thought to themselves what part of the story did they like, what caught their attention. they were looking for something they found alluring and interesting.
  • Describes how the reactions from people onboard were mesmerizing. they describe how mrs. albert caldwell, mr. george a. harder, james b. mcgough, and others felt jolts or scraping noises but didn't know what it was.
  • Opines that walter lord retold in multiple perspectives because he wanted people to know that what they lived was true and it will forever be engraved into their minds.
  • Opines that the people most interviewed were first class passengers because they were put into the lifeboats first.
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