Essay on Incarceration For The Young Offenders

Essay on Incarceration For The Young Offenders

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Alternatives to Incarceration for the Young Offenders
In recent years there have been so many crimes that youth have been involved. The crime rate has really have went up. There are too many young inmates in our prisonsjails; the percentage is so high that we really need to do something about it. “Despite a decline in juvenile offending over the past decade, the population of youth confined in pre-trial secure detention has steadily grown. On an average day, more than 27,000 youth are estimated to reside in locked detention centers — a number that has grown 72 percent since the early 1990s”. ("Center for children’s law and policy"). This means in the past twenty five years, the crime has gone up and a lot of our tax dollars have went to the system to provide for this offenders.
The prison and jails are so full that is almost unbelievable, that is why there is such a desperate needs to get these offenders out and providing for themselves. The system is really trying to offer programs to all of the inmates but also focusing on the younger population. Incarceration is very expensive because a prisoner must be provided with clothes, food, bed, and other necessary things. Keeping them locked up is just keeping our society from moving forward. So why waste our money in prisons and not on things that will help offenders get up on their feet, so they can help our society.
Most of the crimes that were committed by the young offenders are gang related, violence, drugs, and alcohol related. There have been so many concerns on whether it is a good idea on charging minors as adults. There are so many offenders in the prisons that began their time before they were eighteen. This is a big concern because even if they committed a crime they ...

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... because there they get all of their needs met. Offenders won’t have to go out and look food it is given to them.
Why not give them a second chance? We all have done something wrong, not all of us actually pay for what we do. These offenders were once innocent children that in some way or other were pulled and dragged by certain circumstances. We should not judge, because as many know “it takes a young and dumb to be old and wise” (quotes-clothing). These children were once young and dumb but some day they will be old and wise. We should let them become wise from the mistakes that they made they can show others and be examples of what others should not do. Many ex-convicts go to schools and do so much to incorporate into society the right way. Let’s let them come and show our children their errors, maybe this can give our children a route that they should not follow.

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