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The two main types of incarceration include short-term, which is used for minor crimes and offenses, and long-term incarceration which are major crimes that involve major rehabilitation. Short-term incarceration is exactly how it sounds, it is a form of confinement that lasts for only a short period of time. It is reserved for the minor crimes that are committed in order to give the correct punishment to the guilty offender. These short-term incarceration places house current and future inmates. The short-term punishments include the obvious such as more jail time, but it could also mean other forms of punishment such as house arrest, parole, work release programs, rehab, and also probation. These punishments are meant to confine the offender …show more content…

If they are lucky enough to be granted parole, they must “participate in intensive supervision programs, not leave the designated city/state without permission, maintain regular employment, not use drugs or alcohol, and submit to urinalysis or blood testing when instructed” (Prison Fellowship). These are just a few of the rules that one must follow while on probation or parole, and it might sound like a lot to a normal person, but it comes with the cost of freedom. There are so many rules and guidelines to follow because it is imperative for a newly released inmate to prove how much he/she has changed, and the value that they can add to society. If they are just going back to their old ways, then there would be no reason to release them from sentencing early, and these rules help them stay out of trouble. With “nearly 70 percent of offenders serving a portion of their correctional sentence through some form of community supervision or treatment program,” (Corrections pg. 71) it shows that this is a proven method in helping these persons get used to being a part of society again. The main point of any type of incarceration is to rehabilitate the offender, whether its jail, prison, or house arrest. They are supposed to come out on the other side as a better person and a better human being that they were before, and probation and parole are some of the last steps in the

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the two main types of incarceration: short-term, which is used for minor crimes and offenses, and long-lasting, that are major crimes that involve major rehabilitation.
  • Explains that the difference between state prison and county jail is down to the severity of the crime committed.
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