Inappropriate Classroom Behavior and Effective Classroom Management Strategies

Inappropriate Classroom Behavior and Effective Classroom Management Strategies

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It is important for all students to be able to learn in a safe and productive classroom but student misbehavior can be disruptive to that environment. Disruptive misbehavior can be mild and not impact student achievement or it can be serious and affect the entire classroom. Johnny is a fifth grade student who constantly interrupts the class by making faces. A classroom management plan will address Johnny’s individual needs and those of the class.
Quality use of Time and Transition Between Activities
Keeping students focused can be difficult. Johnny’s behavior in the present case increases the difficulty factor. One thing that a teacher can do to keep the focus on the lesson and make sure that the time is used wisely is to have a firm idea of where the lesson and learning should go, and direct it. If Johnny is being disruptive then communicate with him on a one to one basis before the start of the day, talk to him about needing his help and asking him to be a special helper. If Johnny starts to become disruptive ask him to help bring the class back into focus. This will give a gentle reminder to be good as well as helping the class focus.
Another difficulty a teacher may face is transitioning between lessons. Having some predictable and set verbal and nonverbal cues is a good idea for establishing transitions (McDaniel, 2011). Again, communicate with Johnny out side of scheduled school time and see if he needs some more concrete cues for transitions and if he has any ideas on how to improve this. This discussion can give Johnny the sense of control he may need to feel comfortable and calmer in the classroom. This can benefit the class in the fact that some of the other students may also need some different tran...

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