Essay on In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash by Jean Sheperd

Essay on In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash by Jean Sheperd

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In God We Trust

In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash, is a novel by American humorist, Jean Shepherd. This was a best selling novel whose title applies more to today than it did back then at the time it was written. Prior to this the United States was uneducated about the potential terrorist attacks on the country. We were naïve and thought nothing could ever hurt the greatest country in the world. Then September 11th,2011 occurred. The power to investigate leads on terrorism without legal holdups and restrictions has indeed led to much tighter security in the past decade. This had led to a much safer environment for Americans.
Before 9/11 there has never been an attack on our contiguous shores. The worst event ever to hurt the United States was on December 7th,1941, the day of infamy. On a quiet sunday morning at 9:30 a.m, 350 Japanese plans began attacking the naval base of Pearl Harbor located in Hawaii. Never before had anyone attacked our powerful nation to such an extent, until September 11th,2001. For 60 years we were fat, lazy and unconcerned when it came to security. Our guard was down, we were protected solely by two oceans to the east and west, and friendly nations to the north and south. Then on 9/11 we had a rude awakening. Since 9/11 our country has gone into full security repurposing. The country has spent almost $800 billion protecting ourselves from potential threats. But are we any safer today than we were before?
In order for security to take a step forward the changes must begin at the top. A new cabinet position, Secretary of Homeland Security, was created. Tom Ridge was the first man to take this position. His sole responsibility was the protection of our country. The first problem he ran into w...

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...s and used them to kill innocent people, including kindergarten children. Twice, in Fort Hood, Texas, soldiers on the army base killed their fellow soldiers for no apparent reason. People aren't even able to attend movie theaters without fearing that an incident such as the one at the Aurora, Colorado movie theater attack. What has come over this country? Are all of these people terrorists? Or are our own people going crazy?
In God We Trust, But All Others Pay Cash, are we any safer today than we were in 9/11? We can trust but we can't trust anything or anyone else. Julius Caesar found out the hard way when he trusted his friend Brutus. Today we cannot trust anyone. No one is sure why these acts of violence are occurring. We must constantly update our security system and forces. Even if we prevent 99% of the attacks it's the 1% we can't stop that has the impact.

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