Fear and the Human Psyche

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A simple definition of the human psyche is the embodiment of the human spirit. However, when one takes a more in-depth look, it becomes much more complex than the tidy little package that the definition would infer. The psyche has a direct link to thoughts, emotions, reactions and consequences. Of these components, emotions have the most significant impact on the human essence. The way in which humans view and react to the world around them is directly linked to the conscious and subconscious feelings associated with a particular activating event. The human psyche is driven by a wide variety of emotions ranging from love, hate, anger, happiness, fear, and courage to name but only a few. Of these, fear has the power to disrupt the body and spirit in profound ways as it encompasses all emotions. Therefore, it is the strongest emotion associated with the human condition.
Fear is not only interconnected to all emotions, but it can also be directly linked to nearly all faucets of everyday life. Society is so driven by fear that it has been the prime causation factor of wars and the driving force behind entire economies. Major news networks capitalize on fear based commentary. They seemingly promote fear by placing strong emphasis on only those stories that highlight things such as corrupt politics, homicide, the bankrupt economy, school shootings, and the so called, “War on Terror.” The News Stations keep people in constant search for the ever-elusive piece of mind. Networks such as MSNBC, CNN, ABC and FOX bring in billions of dollars by conditioning the human psyche with an abundance’s of commercials targeting consumers based on race, ethnicity, status and creed. Big business and Governments intention is to frighten its citizens an...

... middle of paper ... Americans on September 11, 2001. Now we are being told this number is possibly three times higher than originally reported, adding to the horror in America’s citizens. Society has been indoctrinated in the belief that there is continuously a worldwide threat. Paranoia and anxiety has been the key focal point and the American way of life.
While it is easy to concede that love is an important part of the human psyche, the power of fear far surpasses the power of love. In comparing love and fear, there can be a direct relationship to one another. To love someone you will have the fear of rejection, heartache and pain of losing trust in your loved one. Romance novels, love songs, romantic movies have derived from a place within the writer with the knowledge of pain, miss trust or heartache.
Fear has embraced the human psyche and encompassed the world around us.
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