Essay on Improving Quality Care For The Nurse Administrator ( Roussel, 2016 )

Essay on Improving Quality Care For The Nurse Administrator ( Roussel, 2016 )

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Currently we are all cognizant of the needs to improve quality care and many organizations are presently undergoing several initiatives to achieve this larger undertaking. As it stands, the United States is the highest in healthcare cost, but sadly lowest in quality care compared to other wealthy countries ( Roussel, 2016). Health care reform remains problematic and complex; therefore, embracing a professional accountability and having a solid understanding regarding the policies, laws and regulations is essential for the nurse administrator (Roussel, 2016). According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (2016), a culture of safety should be encouraged and leaders should be noticeably devoted to supporting the need for action. Therefore, the first responsibility of an organization should be to assess the work environment (Nedd, 2006) by utilization of valid and reliable tools to determine the perception and the existence of a culture of safety. The 26-item Brisbane Practice Environment Measure (B-PEM) (Flint, Farrugia, Courtney, & Weston, 2010) and the Conditions of Work Effectiveness - Questionnaire-II (CWEQ-II) are instruments developed to measure nursing satisfaction within the work environment and the perceived facilities inadequacies (Flint et al. 2010; Nedd, 2006; Laschinger et al., 2003). The information derived from such tools will help the organization with the identification of concerned areas. The next step, obviously, would be to execute a plan of action to mitigate the issues at hand. Most importantly, is creating the culture of employee engagement and empowerment in that employees are willing to recognize and report unsafe conditions or adverse events and that they understand that such reporting will not...

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...yees rest breaks promotes employee efficiency; however, interestingly, only Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, Kentucky, and Vermont have paid rest break requirements as well as meal period requirements ( U.S Dept of Labor, 2016).

Evaluate the policy.

Based upon the policy and how it reads, it appears that the organization is abiding by state and federal laws.

Do you feel that there are any loop holes or is the policy fairly sound? Why?

I believe that this policy is sound since the federal government does not mandate rest periods or meal breaks, as well as state law. The policy makes it clear to the employee that breaks "are not mandatory, guaranteed or provided"; however, I feel they should add after this clause "according to state and federal laws" so that the employee is not disgruntled when they are not given a break.

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