Improvement For Students With Automobiles Essay

Improvement For Students With Automobiles Essay

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Improvement for Students with Automobiles
During the discussion, several subjects raised concerns regard to parking spaces on campus and proposed extra parking spaces at alternate locations.
“…sometimes it is hard to find a parking spot on the sideways” (Subject 2).
Both subject 2 and subject 4 are frequent drivers on campus, and they expressed that it is hard to find a parking spot especially during rush hours like 10:45 or 1:10 when everyone is going to class. During these times, most students have class at bottom of the campus, such as Steps, Maginness, and Neville, which hold larger quantity of students in class. They also expressed that during specially event like career fair or interview, they are not access to driving permission on the Hills or parking spaces in Rauch Business Center.
“… some big events, such as career fair, you don’t want to drive up there. Because it is so hard to find a parking spot…” (Subject 2).
When such significant event on campus occurs, students are most likely to participate. Moreover, students who go to career fair are usually juniors or seniors who are most likely to own car. Even though the cars might be packed, there are just too many of them to fit in the mountaintop parking lots.
“…for career fair we have to go up to mountain top, which usually have heavy traffic, so I always ask for a ride from friends” (Subject 1).
Moreover, during interviews which are held in Rauch Business Center, there is no place to park near it. Subject 2 experienced being late simply because he wasn’t able to find a parking spot on time. Even though he later expressed that he should have leave house earlier in order to prevent such issues, but he hoped that school will generate temporary passes for interv...

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... final discussion ended with why biking on campus is difficult and how can school promote it. The subjects expressed their thought openly. It seems that the hills are main reason why. Students just find it difficult to ride up hill; it is possible just requires strength and determination. Moreover, there are no biking lines around campus which makes biking or skateboarding dangerous. One of the subjects transport between classes with his skateboard, but he said he will often have to stop because there are cars parking, people walking, and most importantly, the road is bumpy. Even though he has been skating for years, he is recently considering quieting due to the difficulties around campus.
“I think the road condition on campus is really bad, because it is vertical and narrow. There is no biking line for students to ride the bike or use the skateboard” (Subject 5).

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