Henry Ford, Detroit: The History Of The Motor City

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Motor City Detroit, Michigan was originally founded as Fort Detroit by the French in the very early 18th century. However, that is not what people think when they think about the once great city that is Detroit. Most people think about the modern automobile, and the American “Big Three” car company giants that are Ford, Chrysler, and GM. The car was not invented in Detroit. However, the car was most certainly perfected in Detroit. Henry Ford was the pioneer of the American automobile industry. He was born in 1863 near Dearborn, Michigan. Forty years later he started Ford Motor Company with the help of Thomas Edison. In 1908, Henry Ford forever changed the world with his Model T. Ford was known as a revolutionary person for not only making the automobile inexpensive but also for teaching workers proper skills and paying them steady wages. (Henry Ford Bio, 1) Only a mere six years later, Ford changed the world again with his invention of the moving assembly line in 1914. With the modern assembly line he was now able to mass produce his Model T. Nearly everything mass produced in the world is assembled on an assembly line thanks to Ford’s 100 year old idea. Not only did Ford make life easier for civilians by giving them affordable access to…show more content…
Americans soon not only had one car, but they had two! Teenagers now drove cars as part of the iconic 1950s culture with their friends. Fast food places like In-N-Out and McDonalds were built on the fast paced nature of the automobile. The US interstate was built for more convenient travels, and also for cold war preparations. Having a car was part of the American way of life and the American way was to buy an American car that was made in Detroit Michigan. The best selling car companies of the 1950s were Chevy, Ford, Pontiac, Buick, and Oldsmobile. (Zyla, 1) If someone drove a car that did not sport an american badge on the grille, they were a
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