The Importance Of The Infant Feeding Observation

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Studying Child Development is specially is extremely important to me, not only as a freshman student who pick Human Development and Family study as her major, but also as a mother who needs to learn a lot about human development in order to understand the development of her children in particular and later to be able to address her children’s questions and concerns about their growth and development in a proper manner with accurate facts rather than her own belief. In a particular project, by conducting infant feeding observation, I will be able to see the importance of the infant feeding in building a child’s secured attachment and bonding to the mother and care givers as a form of non-verbal communication and the role it plays in a child development. As a part from the assignment project in this semester, we were asked to conduct the infant feeding observation. I came to my friend Dannielle, who had a new-born son Amari in April 2016. I watched Danielle breastfeed Amari as well as watching her daughter, Ariana, bottle feed Amari and learned an amazing experience in Amari’s physical development in his first five months as well as the special bond and the secured attachment he got with this mom and his sister. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, infant should be fed with breast milk through the first year and longer if possible. From birth, infant should be fed either breast milk or an iron-fortified infant formula. The solid food is not recommended until about four to six months of age. Beside the undeniable nutrition that the infants received from the breast milk, I find it is extraordinary how breast feeding build a great relationship between mother and baby. Danielle gives her son breast feed between every two to ... ... middle of paper ... In this particular infant breastfeeding observation, I have learnt a great experience on how the infant feeding pose an amazing role in a child’s development. Not only can Amari gain weight perfectly in term of physical development, he also develops major mental health by being able to recognize his mother’s smell, voice as well as secured a great attachment and bond with his mother as a major care giver his got. The relationship between Amari and his mom was built naturally through the constant contact by holding, cuddling, and singing while doing breast feeding. The secure feeling Amari got being around his mom is significant: He stops crying easily, he feels calm and he always has a long, deep nap time after being breast fed. The fundamental development between 0-6 months shall build a great leverage for Amari’s toddle’s growth and development.
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