Essay about The Importance Of Strategic And Tactical Planning

Essay about The Importance Of Strategic And Tactical Planning

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Setting and Achieving Goals
Successful organizations require their leaders to set and achieve goals on a consistent basis. In order for these organizations to meet their goals, their leaders must actively and carefully plan on how to meet these goals. There are many types of plans that successful organizations can and do use regularly to meet their goals. I feel that the strategic and tactical plans play the largest role in achieving goals because they lay out clear and structured plans in where organizations want to go in the immediate and long term future. Other types of planning are often used to carry out more specific, compartmentalized goals that support the entire picture, yet are less impactful to the organization if not carried out. Today, I would like to discuss the importance of strategic and tactical planning and when it is most useful for organizations to utilize them.
First off, I would like to begin with long term, or strategic planning. Strategic planning often includes the desired outcome for an organization throughout a long period of time, possibly over a decade. Top level managers often design these plans to paint the picture of the company’s mission and lay out a framework for the entire company to achieve (CSU Education Portal, 2014). Strategic plans are particularly important to organizations because the convey a clear message of what exactly, the intended goals and missions are over extended periods of time to all team members, shareholders and even to the public. Laying out a strategic plan allows for all involved parties to know what their exact role is in helping the organization achieve its long term goal (Simerson, 2011). Strategic plans often include long term financial goals, expansion or downsiz...

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.... If a company is struggling and establishes a new strategy, tactical plans can be used to restructure roles of departments, associates and teams to get the company heading back in the right direction. In the case of my company, Kum and Go, tactical plans are used at the mid management level to continue to support the strategic plan of expanding the company and overall goal of becoming the number one convenient store retailer in the United States.
It is important for companies to continually develop plans in order to achieve their goals because that is how they can measure their growth and success. Furthermore, they can identify any issues or problems that may arise that may impede their success. If clear plans are made, any organization would be able to manage and overcome any obstacles presented to them and continue on the path to success and meeting their goals!

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