The Importance of Sexual Education in Illinois

The Importance of Sexual Education in Illinois

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Did you know Illinois was ranked 21,out of 51 in pregnancies aged 15-19? Not

knowing the consequences that comes with sex Is getting pregnant or a transmitted

disease and these are mistakes that could affect their lives. Comprehensive sex

education should be taught in public high schools throughout Illinois. Adolescents

should be exposed to sex education and have great access to items that protect them

against pregnancy. In addition, they should have access to information about other

sexually transmitted diseases.Safe sex practices should be taught in Illinois public high

schools because it prevents transmitted diseases, and it makes teens rethink about

having sex.

Comprehensive sex education addresses both abstinence and age-appropriate

information about contraception. Comprehensive sex education is influentially

appropriate, introducing information on relationships, decision-making, and skill building

to resist peer pressure. In the 1900s, sex education was brought into public high

schools to teach social hygiene. Social hygiene isThe social hygiene movement of

the late 19th and early 20th centuries was an attempt by Progressive-era reformers

to control venereal disease, regulate prostitution and vice, and disseminate sexual

education through the use of scientific research methods.Sex education expanded as

timed passed to reduce the rate of sexual disease. In the 1960s controversy began

about contraception with the arrival of birth control. There was a lot of controversy

because people believed you should be married before you have sex, and birth control

goes against the teaching of the Catholic Church. The teaching of the Catholic Church

basically says that you should be celibate. Celibate means you should wait until

marriage for sex. With Catholics belief about being celibate makes sex education not

being important to them.To reduce teenage pregnancy rates, awareness of Aids and

other sexually transmitted diseases made the focus go to safe sex in the 1980s. Their

was an act in 1981 that introduced abstinence only programs that started a movement

in the 1990s. Abstinence programs were thought to be ineffective as the years passed.

In 2007 u.s. Congress found that the abstinence programs wasn't helpful.

Firstly, safe sex practices should be taught in Illinois public high schools,because

if it isn't taught more teenagers will have unplanned pregnancies. The absence of

education roots adolescents to want to know about sex, which is making them want to

try to be sexually active. This is why sex education should be in all public high schools

in Illinois. Shows like the "Bad Girls Club" shows adolescence about meeting guys and

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girls , and having sex without using condoms at times. Some girls may take this in as

the right choice. Not knowing the right and responsible way to protect their sexual life.

Sixty-six percent of American high school students have had sex by their senior year

( Adolescents have shows like "Teen Mom" and "16 & Pregnant" that

allows them to see other adolescence that had unplanned pregnancies. " Teen Mom"

and "16& Pregnant" shows sex as a young age being an ok experience. Any who,these

shows help adolescence to know how hard it is to have to be a mom and father at a

young age. In the show "16 and Pregnant" one of the young teenage mothers named

Catlyn stated, " I wish I was educated on sex in school... I will be smarter and wiser...

But I don't regret the experience, because now I could teach others and tell my story".

Hearing this statement would want teens to know about her experience.
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