The Importance Of Reading An Invaluable Asset On The Development Of Children 's Current Society

The Importance Of Reading An Invaluable Asset On The Development Of Children 's Current Society

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Undoubtedly, reading is an invaluable asset in the development of children in current society. Hence, it is essential that there are standards, methods, and strategies, supported by research, when making attempting to facilitate adequate reading instruction. In order to address this need, the National Reading Panel was established and tasked with the duty of creating a Reading Report that would not only assist in providing a plethora or reading instruction concepts, but also develop recommendations for future research as it concerns to reading development at an early stage. Then, the Panel objectively set out to develop a methodology which would analyze the accumulated data formally, extensively, and be supported by evidence.
As the NRP set out to complete their momentous task, they cautiously decided to establish various subgroups which would be focused on addressing the topics deemed essential to the reading process. The Panel then addressed the recurring themes of their research and concluded that the methodology of their research would be best focused on the topics of alphabetics, fluency, comprehension, teacher education and reading instruction, and computer technology and reading instruction. The subgroups set-out to review not only the material they were addressing, but also the review criteria they would utilize in the process. This process would assist in the creation and utilization of firm, rigorous, and relevant methodological standards which would assist in analyzing the data to be obtained. So, it was concluded that the standards must include interventions that were behaviorally based, as well as procedures which would assist in the prevention and treatment of reading disabilities.
The procedure of establishing t...

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...arch is conducted, the diverse and varying approaches to teaching phonics must be adequately examined and dissected.
Certainly, the National Reading Panel has provided an adequate report on the study, process, and application of sufficiently teaching reading. The rigorous and effective guidelines which define the methodology of their approach to the evaluation of reading were both encompassing and superb. The subgroups tasked to focus on the areas of phonemic awareness and phonics provided adequate and systematic accounts of their support for alphabetic instruction. Additionally, the Reading Report provided insight in regards to various avenues which should be pursued and researched in the future, as they apply to reading instruction. As evidenced convincingly within this article, phonemic awareness and phonics are two invaluable components of the reading process.

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