Essay about The Importance of National Career Development Guidelines

Essay about The Importance of National Career Development Guidelines

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I will discuss the National Career Development Guidelines and will address each section of the guidelines in terms of its importance in career counseling. As well, I will critique an activity that is used in elementary school setting against the guidelines to compare if the activity meets the standards.
Section one; of the National Career Development guidelines address matters of personal social development. In this domain interpersonal skills are addressed, work-life balance is addressed, and interpersonal growth and development are assessed. In terms of specific interventions I would help clients look at their current situation. I would coin this as kind of a “self-inventory checklist” intervention. Does the client have a realistic idea of the necessary skills to get into their desired career choice? Are they looking at the compatibility of personal and family needs? Does their personality match their desired career field? I would use this guideline very much as a much of a precursor to the miracle question intervention. I would have the clients really look at themselves and their situation before they start creating goals. I would in the domain use some standardized testing to get a base of their career readiness and interests.
The second domain is the Educational Achievement and Life Long Learning domain. This area of the guidelines deals with experience, education, performance, and adaptability. If this section I would focus my interventions more on assessing the client’s desired future and what is needed to achieve that end result. I would use the assessments, inventories, and goals that the client described and start tapping on their strength and exceptions to start developing a career plan. I think the b...

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In terms of the National Career Development Guidelines, I think this activity touches upon all of the main domains. The activity address the personal demands and commitment of the career, what is needed, in terms of education and development to obtain that position, and it address the long terms implications of what is needed of the career and it’s impact on the community. Coupling this activity with a personal journal it will give the students to ability to apply the action steps of the domains so they can have a realistic idea of the their desired career path. For adults, I think the National Career Development Guidelines severs as a base for the counselor to provide specific actions to help the client. Since career counseling can be very overwhelming I think it is a great tool to use for new counselor to get an ideal of the career counseling process.

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