The Importance Of Job Training For The Individual 's Personal And Professional Life

The Importance Of Job Training For The Individual 's Personal And Professional Life

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There are a few main ideas and cover several important points that have been learned about the workplace environment through the entire study of Industrial-Organizational Psychology this semester. The second portion of this essay will cover the main idea and several concepts regarding the Industrial/Personnel Psychology material from the course this semester. While, in the last portion of this essay will cover the main idea and several concepts regarding the Industrial-Organizational Psychology material from the course this semester. The knowledge gained throughout this semester has given me the tools necessary to improve the workplace for everyone involved both now and in the future.
The main idea that was taken away from this course this semester, from the chapters three through chapter eight from the course textbook, is the importance of job training for the individual 's personal and professional life. The implementation of job training has assisted me in many ways within my place of work. The first way that job training has assisted me in my own place of work is through enabling me with the online training that is provided by the company itself. The online training has given me knowledge on the following; the behaviors and/or actions that are expected of me on the job itself, the behaviors and/or actions that are not appropriate on the job itself, and the safety precautions and the company prodigal that should be followed at all times in the workplace itself. The online training that was provided by the company essentially reinforced what was taught throughout the entirety of the training that was taught in the
workplace itself. The second way that the job training has assisted me is through the implementation of the ha...

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...idual employee getting placed in the current position that is not only best suited for them personally, but also for the company itself. Through the process of implementing

job analysis, the organizations, agencies, and companies are ensuring that the best acclible individuals are getting picked for the current position that best suit them and the company alike.
The main points from chapter four: Criterion Measurement, from the course textbook are the actual distinctions that are among the performance criteria of the employee in the workplace. This topic consists of three separate concepts that are the determining factor in the workplace. The first topic of objective criteria is referring to the performance measures that are solely based on the counting to insure that jobs are being completed and are not based off judging or evaluating individual employee 's job

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