Essay on The Importance Of Confidentiality And Its Effect On The Group

Essay on The Importance Of Confidentiality And Its Effect On The Group

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It was nice to have the opportunity to be with our groups tonight. Getting to know each person was beneficial and will only help our group’s development over time. It was reassuring that the individuals in our group had a similarity, whether it was direct or indirect—we are all looking for at least one specific thing—empowerment. In addition, it was helpful for me to understand that although group sessions are typically a serious time, it is also okay to lighten up the mood and simply enjoy the time that is being spent together.
A few of our group’s personal rules are: confidentiality, digging deep, and speaking up when we don’t like something. Confidentiality is very important to our group as the things we share will be personal, which leads us to our next rule, digging deep. We want to be willing to openly share about what and how we are feeling and in order to do so, every member of the group must be actively participating and be willing to have more than a surface level discussion. If person a makes a comment that person b does not like, person b has the right to stand up and sa...

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