Importance Of Color Of Dance Plus Fall Essay

Importance Of Color Of Dance Plus Fall Essay

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Importance of Color
Dance Plus Fall is one of the major dance performances that perform twice a year in fall and spring semesters in Rutgers. Dance Plus Fall is a premiere piece that worked by Mason Gross faculties and guest artists that allow them to present their choreographies. The performance consists six showcases, which is choreographed by different chorographers. The show is also performs four days in a row, so people may have more opportunities to find out the best time for their schedule. The dance is held in Victoria J. Mastrobuono Theater at Rutgers, which is a proscenium theater that allows audiences face the stage directly, without audiences sitting on the side of the stages, therefore, audiences can enjoy the performance with a clearer view. The theater is not so big, and only has around three hundred seats available. All of the pieces are in different styles and have different storylines. Nick Bruder, a special guest performer and choreographer of “Unremarkable appendix”, which is performed right after the intermission, creates a fusion performance that combines drama and dance together by starting the dance with two men embarking on an adventure. One of the main elements, which is a flashlight plays an important role in Unremarkable appendix.
“Unremarkable appendix” starts with dark lighting background with two men using their phone as a flashlight to discover the mystery of the world. They use the flashlight and find out a group of immovable people that is mixed with men and women on the center stage. The bright flashlight goes up and down on ten immovable people, and the music suddenly starts to play on it. One of the explorers cannot control himself to start swaying with the music, and the other explorer stares...

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...a color associated with trust, wisdom, and loyalty; the color blue will also make people’s eyes focus on. These are the main reasons that almost every product use the color of blue makes people feel comfortable and trustworthy. Even VISA is designed in blue. As a matter of fact, colors have the power to suppress one’s appetite and deceive one’s brain. Therefore, designer, artist, and gaffer obviously knows what colors work best in different line of business to achieve the best result. In a production of a performance, the lighting designer is one of the most important character, but most of the time they are under appreciated. Lighting in each piece of dance leads audiences put in their emotion and tension. By applying knowledge from psychology, lighting can create an exciting environment, help audiences navigate through a new space, and add mystery in a production.

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