The Importance of Color in Our World Essay

The Importance of Color in Our World Essay

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A world without color is an interesting scenario to consider. We would be left with a white sky, a black sea, and grey buildings. If you considered to imagine this, most people would imagine a black-gray-white world but aren’t they colors too? The absence of color is an impossible concept to imagine for those who have lived with color, and never really considered it to be such an important topic. Color is always a concept that we take for granted, and frequently fail to notice its wonderment. Now, let’s all take a moment to ask ourselves these questions. What would the world be like without the vibrant colors of a rainbow? Would the horizon exist? Would we appreciate the beauty of the sunrise or sunset? There are many things we would not be able to experience fully if there were no colors. Interestingly enough, many people still debate whether color really does exist or is it just an illusion in our minds that help us distinguish things from each other.………
In the world of fascinating sights, colors are all are found everywhere in all sorts of ways. Colors are put into categories and types depending on what one is looking at. Some categories of colors may include: value-tints/shades, complementary colors, analogous colors, cool colors, warm colors, and neutral colors. The types of colors within these categories include: primary, secondary, tertiary, complementary, analogous, active and passive colors. These types and categorizes can be seen in a circular diagram that is divided by hue, saturation, and value called, the color wheel. The color wheel consists of all colors that are within the visible spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum A basic color wheel includes: red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, and violet. As one looks cl...

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...roprietary colour specification systems such as PANTONE and COLORCURVE. These vendors are likely to give their colour specification systems in a small form to plug into colour managers.” The topic of what white and black is has always been a challenge. We know that white means no color and black means all colors in the visible spectrum. “In additive image reproduction, the white point is the chromaticity of the colour reproduced by equal red, green and blue components. White point is a function of the point of power in the primaries.” ( BW Tek 2011)
In conclusion, we have discovered what color is we can assume that our mystery has been solved. Color can be seen in the world that we live in everywhere we go it is a permanent part of our lives. Whether it is an illusion in our heads or an actual concept, color is a continuing concept that will always remain intact.

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