Color Blindism Essay

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Racism is a intricate, multidimensional construct that can be private and public, as well as institutional and personal. In other words, racism does not only consist of blatant racial insolence; subtle systemic racism is also alive and well. However, Americans are fixed on the notion that bigotry hasn’t been an issue since the 20th century mass lynchings. The United States’ distorted view of racism maintains the idea the country’s racial issues are behind us. In his article, “Between Colorblind and Colorconscious: Contemporary Hollywood Films and Struggles Over Racial Representation,” Jason Smith demonstrates the ways in which color blindness ineffectively addresses racial injustices within society. Although the logic behind this theory works towards a noble goal, color blind theory proposes that…show more content…
In the U.S. race-based affairs are often difficult to address because society has made racism a taboo topic and therefore has avoided discussing its fundamentals. Many would agree that disregarding the root of the problem is a faulty and counterproductive solution. Yet several people take this approach when confronted with racial matters by using colorblind ideologies as both a defensive mechanism and a way to avoid the conversation about race all together. Ignoring the prominent inequalities amongst racial groups only encourages the artificial idea that the U.S. is some kind of utopia that has politically overcome racism. The theory of color blindness is grounded on the idea of discounting race-based differences as a way of combating racism; the idea that

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