The Importance Of Being An Effective Teacher Essay

The Importance Of Being An Effective Teacher Essay

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From the time of man, school has been around. The way people teach is not always the same and there are different types of teachers. Over times schools have changed in many way but ultimately has the same purpose. Being an effective teacher requires many skills and characteristics. Education has become an important part of our society.
In the late 19th century, due to the problems created by the dramatic increase of urbanization and industrialization, progressivism appeared in politics, culture, journalism, social services, and education in the United States. One major concern for progressivist was the quality of the life of a child. Efforts were made to make education freely available to every child, and alter fundamentally the nature of schools and schooling. John Dewy was the most prominent in this educational philosophy. Progressivists believe that education should focus on the whole child, rather than on the content or the teacher. Following secondary school some student head straight into the work force, while others attend college. Therefore, while in grade school, not only is content important, but preparation for the real world .Progressive teachers goals are to educate the student intellectually while working to make them good people in our society. Being a mentor rather than a boss and allowing student some control over how they learn is an important part of progressivism. Progressive learning is also about critical thinking, social skills, personal experience and lifelong learning. Relating your real life experiences to learning is a way of progressivism. Learning is rooted in the questions of learners that arise through experiencing the world.(Cohen & Gelbrich, 1999). As a student real life has always been a learning...

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...oltman, had high expectations of me I worked hard to go beyond what anyone thought. I knew that she believed in me and a feeling I hope to give to my students.
Education is very important but the student as a person is what matters the most. As a progressive teacher, focusing on the student as a whole is my main goal. Progressivism is about critical thinking, social skills, personal experience and lifelong learning in the classroom. From the beginning of time school has ultimately been about surviving. In the ancient times you learned to fish and hunt, today the goal is to get a job and become a working member of society. I feel my purpose of a teacher is way more. My purpose is to help students develop a sense of self while learning. To be an effective teacher takes many characteristics but I believe having high expectations for your students is the most important.

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