Essay on The Importance Of A Medical Office Administrator

Essay on The Importance Of A Medical Office Administrator

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Socrates was a man of many questions; seeking answers to better his self and society. Socrates strongly believed in living the best life possible life and encouraged his students to do the same. Socrates believed in three ideas: living right, never doing wrong and keeping agreements. Medical office personnel have an enormous ethical responsibility to the patients they work with, the facility they work in, and to themselves. A medical office administrator’s duties include interacting with patients, answering phones, scheduling appointments, organizing and updating medical records, process insurance forms and bookkeeping. By following Socrates ideas one can full fill their obligations fully and for the maximum benefit of the patient. Living right, never doing wrong, and keeping agreements will guide and influence a medical office administrator towards a successful career.
As a medical office administrator it is important to live right, act with appropriate etiquette, within the workplace. Today’s medical office administrators must concern themselves with traditional workplace manners as well as the manners that come into play when they making or receive cell phone calls, text messages, and e-mails, and when they use social media outside of work (Hills, L. D.A., 2010). The goal is to be respectful, approachable, and courteous so that you can build and maintain relationships with the facility’s patients and coworkers while enabling the facility to perform at its maximum ability. Medical office staff is typically the first to greet patients, therefor it is important to maintain a professional and approachable persona via your attire and language. Not only does your professional persona represent you as an individual, it sets the tone f...

... middle of paper ... to appear.” Socrates was a man of strong ethical beliefs in which he lived by and taught by. Socrates ideas: live right, never do wrong, and keep agreements earned him respect among his peers and students and provide a strong foundation for medical office administrators. By having good personal and professional etiquette medical office administrators can help the facility run to its full potential while providing the patient with the best care imaginable. Following ethical codes, never doing wrong, ensures medical office administrators treat patients and their health information properly. By keeping agreements, following the laws and regulations, medical office administrators can ensure patient health information is kept private and secure. Following these ideas will provide leader skills and ultimately ensure a successful career as a medical office administrator.

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