The Importance Of A Medical Assistant Right After High School Essay

The Importance Of A Medical Assistant Right After High School Essay

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Since I can remember I have always enjoyed helping others. I like the after feeling of contentment I receive from seeing the smile on peoples’ faces in appreciation for what I am able to do for them. Helping others is self-rewarding and it is what gives me daily energy to continue what I am best at. I’ve always loved feeling the satisfaction of working with others. I used to love coming home from school to help my mom with chores. I knew by me helping her, the day would be better and as a result she would be able to sit and relax. I became a Medical Assistant right after high school with my mission of caring for others. I worked many years for an Internal Medicine doctor’s office. There I took patient’s vital signs and screened them as they came in to see the provider. I performed glucose reading exams for diabetic patients to get their sugar readings so that the physician could interpret the results.
It broke my heart each time I saw their fingers full of red marks from the lancet pokes that they had to do so many times a day. In addition, seeing the way the excessive number of patients from all different cultures with chronic diseases coming in for care. Unfortunately, I was able to observe that many of the Hispanic patients were not nutritionally educated on what foods to eat or had the slightest clue on how their food mannerisms affected their medical condition. For example, some knew that lard was not good to consume, but were unsure how it affected their health. As a medical assistant, I felt impotent not being able to provide some type of nutrition education because it was out of my scope of practice. Not knowing much about nutrition gave me an interest in learning more about it. I began to read and the more I read, th...

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...experiences in medical offices and with the child and adult food program I am currently employed with have helped me acquire these skills. I am a very patient person and social person that is of great benefit when practicing my profession in the future. I have excellent people skills from what people have told me in the past. They have shared with me that they feel comfortable whenever they talk to me. I believe this is a skill that all RD’s should have be able to build rapport with their clients. Furthermore, my experience working with diverse communities helped me learn more of the different cultures in our community. I believe this experience is important for dietitians to be familiar with since we live in such a diverse community and we need to be respectful of their beliefs and take them into consideration when assisting them with their nutritional health needs.

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