Implications for Today’s Online Educators Essay examples

Implications for Today’s Online Educators Essay examples

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This research includes a comprehensive understanding of the current outlook of present online educators in which the applicable implications can be extracted and retained for novice web-based instructors. The problems relating to this research are the various factors that arise in the provision of web-based instruction. These various factors include variables of interest that pertain to particular successes and barriers in which web-based instructors have encountered. For purposes of this research, online and web-based instruction (instructors) will refer only to higher education environments provided through universities and colleges.
The underlying problem presented in this research concerns the need to implement research that describes the “relevance, effectiveness, restrictive and facilitative dimensions of online courses” (Choi & Park, 2006). Online instructors must possess a diverse set of competencies (Bawane & Spector, 2009) but are increasingly expected and encouraged to develop and teach online courses with misconceptions about required educational abilities and a lack of support and preparation (Choi & Park, 2006). Many of these competencies can be acknowledged through the understanding of present online instructors’ successes and barriers. The educational significance of this issue pertains to a fundamental recognition and application of the findings to result in enhanced preparation in web-based instruction across many educational facilities, most notably universities and colleges, worldwide.
The purpose of this study is to explore the experiences of current web-based instructors relating to teaching in an online learning environment via web-based systems provided through universities and colleges. Thi...

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