Andragogy Reflection Paper

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Within the andragogical model described by Knowles, Holton, and Swanson (2015), adults need learning experiences that are different than those found in the pedagogical model. Instead of waiting for experiences that are directed and controlled by a teacher, adults need to have a clear rationale and understanding for the learning, feel past experiences are valuable, and have a developed internal system for motivation in order to help a learning experience be successful. The connection and orientation to the learning task, the readiness to learn, and self-concept are other important ideas to adult learning. While focusing on andragogy, the connection of my personal learning experiences with the six assumptions of the andragogical model has helped…show more content…
The ideas established within the andragogical model offer suggestions and focus points to support the development of engaging and meaningful learning experiences for adults. In order to connect the andragogical assumptions with my reflections and further my thinking on professional development, I will first outline my memories and thoughts on each of the andragogical assumptions. Then, using my learning experiences as a guide, I will discuss how the professional learning opportunities at my school will change as a result of new understandings of adult…show more content…
“Adults are motivated to learn to the extent that they perceive that learning will help them perform tasks or deal with problems they confront in their life situations” (Knowles et al., 2015). When I began my graduate course work at Northern Michigan University, I had not ever participated in an online course. Since NMU’s online course format utilizes NMU EduCat, I needed to learn the process and tasks associated with the website’s navigation and tools in order to be able to successfully complete course requirements and interact with other class participants. I was hesitant and anxious about my ability to learn the EduCat features, but the EduCat tutorial course offered step-by-step directions with information, activities, and assessments that enabled me to learn the necessary information. I was able to use my new knowledge immediately to fulfill the requirements of my courses. This direct application to my current reality as an online graduate student allowed for my new knowledge on the EduCat processes to easily become ingrained as part of my daily task

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