Implementing The Electronic Medication Administration Record ( Emar ) Essay

Implementing The Electronic Medication Administration Record ( Emar ) Essay

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Implementing technology in a clinical setting is not easy and cannot be successful without a well-organized system. It is important that healthcare providers understand the electronic medication administration record (eMAR) and its role in improving patient safety. One of the most significant aspects of healthcare is the safety of our patients. Medication errors account for 44,000-98,000 deaths per year, more deaths than those caused by highway accidents or breast cancer. Several health information technologies help to reduce the number of medication errors that occur. Once of these technologies is bar-code-assisted medication administration (BCMA). These systems are designed to ensure that the right drug is being administered via the right route to the right patient in the right amount at the right time. Through implementation of the eMAR and BCMA, the five rights of medication administration are maintained, notifications are at the nurse’s fingertips, errors and warnings are readily available, allergy checking is automatically performed and other relevant clinical data are accessible. This paper will discuss the eMAR and BCMA, and their importance in safe medication administration.

Safe medication administration is one of the most important aspects of patient care. Nurses in almost every area of healthcare are responsible for safe medication administration to patients. Medication administration is performed multiple times in the course of a day for individual patients. It is a complex process and accurate documentation of medication administration is extremely important.
An example of a complex process in healthcare is the redesign of the paper medication administration record (MAR) to create the electronic version (eMAR...

... middle of paper ...

...roperly used, the systems will drastically reduce medication errors before reaching the patient (Paoletti, Suess, Lesko, Feroli, Kennel, Mahler, Saunders, 2007).
Due to supportive efforts by the FDA and the Joint Commission, an increase in the number of hospitals purchasing BCMA systems has increased. Bar-coded medication administration will probably be utilized in the majority of hospitals by 2024 (Seibert, Maddox, Flynn, Williams, 2014).
. In conclusion, patient safety is the main objective in the clinical setting. Technology that enhances safety needs to be utilized in the workplace. The Electronic Medication Administration Record system can improve the administration record and provide accurate administration time of medications. Patient safety is further enhanced by right patient and right drug identification using bar-code-assisted medication administration.

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