Impact Of The Industrial Revolution On American Society Essay

Impact Of The Industrial Revolution On American Society Essay

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The Industrial Revolution has brought a major transformation to the American society. New technologies and advancements changed the way Americans viewed their world. Gender issues, social class, immigration, relations with Native Americans, and slavery were either positively or negatively impacted by the revolution. Nevertheless, the United States’ huge step toward progress during the Industrial Revolution made a lasting impression in American society.
The Industrial Revolution provided employment opportunities for women, but issues of gender was brought up in the process. According to my textbook, Americans were opening factories and mills in the country side which provided employment for single farm women. An example would be the Francis Cabot Lowell’s Boston Manufacturing Company employed farm women known as the Lowell mill girls to work in Lowell, Massachusetts. The company provided boardinghouses for the women and enforced strict rules. The young farmwomen’s wages were usually sent back to their families and would return their farms as housewives after working for a few years. The gender issue was that men primarily fulfilled the role of wage -laborers. In attempt to solve the gender issue, the mill company placed a gender cap in payment where women were paid less than men. Another issue was the treatment of women in the workplace. Women were usual targets of sexual harassment and placed in poor conditions. However, women still benefited from this opportunity because their gender role expanded from being just housewives to wage-earning women. The Industrial Revolution broke traditional domestic ideals for women and submerged them into the workforce.
The Industrial Revolution impacted American society with forming social cla...

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... hotels, barbers, merchant seamen, and servants of wealthy families. A few blacks were able to become successful entrepreneurs and skilled tradesmen. The Industrial Revolution may have played a significant role in revitalizing the institution of slavery, but it also provided economic opportunities for free blacks as well.
The Industrial Revolution was a time of transformation and great progress in the United States. While opportunities were created for women, immigrants, and people of different social classes, slaves and Native Americans were exploited or removed. While issues like slavery has been abolished, some issues from the revolution persist even today such as the gender gap in payment. The technological advances and innovations caused some people to experience prosperity and others poverty. Nevertheless, the revolution had changed American society forever.

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