The Role Of Women In The Industrial Revolution

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Society places men and women unequally at different levels. Men and women are separately designated and diversely rewarded because of their gender. Despite the increase in the amount of women in the workforce, women who work in a male dominated industry are being restricted from exhibiting their full potential in pay and advancement opportunities.
At the beginning of the nineteenth century women had barely any rights and were strictly homemakers destined to nurture children. During the Industrial Revolution women soon began working in factories and were given an extremely low salary for tedious work. Even though it was a small amount, having the ability to earn salary gave women more independence. Women were delighted to fulfill these positions for the reason of getting the opportunity to escape the house. Having money gave women more of an opportunity to have an influence and make something out of themselves more than just a housewife. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, prior to the Industrial Revolution, women were restrained and could not speak out for themselves. A woman’s role was to stay at home, care for the children, and just take care of the household. The Industrial Revolution provided women with the opportunity to work somewhere besides the home and become more independent. It also permitted women to develop a feeling of individuality and independence which changed the place of women from a restrained stay at home housewife to an evolved female (Women’s Rights).
In the nineteenth century numerous women became involved in the society of America. Women wanted to be treated equally as men. Women realized that they deserved their rights and that if grouped together, they had power. Women believed that they were be...

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...e has changed severely, especially for women. Women’s roles were traditionally limited to nursing and teaching while today women are tackling roles in places society never expected women to, like the boardroom. Women were once viewed as too sensitive to succeed in business and now they have proven that they possess what it takes in order to not just succeed but surpass the roles that were only thought to be best occupied by men (Women in the Workplace).
Women have come a long way from being only housewives never able to work outside of the house to becoming very influential CEOs and heads of large corporations. Women have made a major impact on today’s society due to their aspiration on becoming more than the traditional housewife. Today, women are flooding the workplace in large numbers and taking a sledgehammer to the stereotype that women only belong in the home.

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