Impact Of Technology On The Global Society Essay

Impact Of Technology On The Global Society Essay

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Over the course of time there have been millions of inventions if not more. However, few if any, have had more of an impact on the global society than the computer. It is hard to find any part of the civilized world where a computer somewhere does not have an effect on it at some point. Computing impacts how we learn, how we do business, how we receive the news, as well as, how we communicate with other people half way around the world.
Computing really became prolific with the advent of the Internet. Before it was the internet, it was ARPANET. A network of four computers set up as a proof-of-concept between four research teams, each with a computer at the following; University of California Los Angeles, University of California Santa Barbara, Stanford Research Institute, and the University of Utah . Our educational systems have not looked back since. Before computer and the internet, if a student wanted to look up something from the past or do research they went to the library, or if they were lucky their family had a set of Encyclopedias with Year Books. Computers ease and reduce the time it takes students to do some aspects of research projects. Thanks to computers, students can participate and interact with other students from different cultures thousands of miles away. Computers make a world of information, libraries worth of books, foreign cultures, and new friends just a mouse click away.
This early learning of how to use computers often provides the basic skills needed in many jobs within the workforce today. Most businesses today use computing technologies in many aspects of running the business. Computer programs that calculate employee paychecks is one area where businesses rely on computing technologies....

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... 6 O’clock news report, people on the scene are now able to post details about the event, pictures, and other facts to various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the list goes on-and-on. Computing technologies put the news and world events at our fingertip just about as fast as they are happening.
The Internet and computing as we know it today started about fifty years ago. The impact computing has had on society is impossible to quantify, and as fast as technology is changing there is no reason to believe that society as we know it today will not be vastly in another short fifty years. Today’s society would become unrecognizable if you removed computers and computing technologies. Computers have become so ingrained in everyday life, it will seem as if civilizations reverted back to the dark ages if we woke up tomorrow with no computers.

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