The Impact of ICT on Society

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The Impact of ICT on Society I will talk about how ICT has effected people from all walks of life, how it has effected jobs and living conditions. ===================================================================== The impact of ICT on society is great. As more and more people begin to work from home, or jobs become de-skilled, computer based, the social implications are going to be very serious. The most important issue is increased leisure time, and as more work is done in less time, the result should mean more leisure time. In some rare cases this does happen. Take for example small businesses, or larger teleworker companies where people are allowed to work from home. Leisure time does not always increase, the managers and the companies require the workers the same amount of time spent on the job, so people should become more productive and a lot more work will be done. A bonus of this would be that as leisure time increases, the leisure industry will grow, and more people would use the leisure time, which would improve the workers morale. Another effect of ICT on the society is the introduction of home shopping over the Internet, this aspect could possibly result in people never leaving their homes, doing everything from home, possibly resulting in house bound individuals who could not leave their houses even if they wanted to. Continuing on this vein, talking about working at home, the amount of required offices may be reduced. This would both result in fewer buildings in the city centre and reduce traffic pollution from people who are no longer required to commute to work. There are definite upsides to home shopping however, people who cannot currently leave their houses, the physically disabled people or people who are too busy to do anything to do shopping, who currently rely on other people to do their shopping, near-free internet shopping could allow people to be more independent and less reliant on other people. Returning to teleworkers and working from home, people may feel that
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