Impact Of Religion On The Middle East Essay

Impact Of Religion On The Middle East Essay

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With the recent developments in world politics, it has become clear that religion is soon gaining importance in the political sphere. One can observe through the spread of ISIS in the Middle East, the refugee crisis in Europe, religious nationalism in South Asia, political debates in the Americas and the countless terror attacks in the African continent are all tinged with an undercurrent of religious extremism. It is this political climate that has encouraged a recent spurt of debates on the relationship between religion, political identity and the context of the nation state in academic circles and media writ large. This involves a critical review of the theoretical aspects of religion and how ideologies are being adapted to the suit the current political situation in the world. There is an increasing need to understand the dynamism of the religious resurgence in today’s world and the impact it will have on the economy, foreign policy, migration and citizenship. It is with the hope of understanding the importance of the delicate complexities and intricacies of religion in the various fields of social sciences that has inspired me to study and acquire an MA in Religion and World Politics from SOAS. For over the last century, SOAS has gained a formidable reputation in the academic world for expertise in the area studies of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. It is in these very areas that religious resurgence has been at its peak over the past few years.
Having gained a BA in Politics and International Relations from Royal Holloway, University of London, I have been exposed to the core debates and political theories, out of which I gained a keen interest in the concept of colonialism and decolonization, an academic field in w...

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...nsic position religion has in the world we live in and the fine thread of knowledge that weaves it within the other disciplines of sociology, politics, culture and global affairs. I hope to pursue a research intensive degree in this field at a later stage and feel that this degree will provide me with the solid foundation required to pursue my academic aspirations. Having seen the course content, I am particularly interested in the topics/modules: Religion and development in South Asia and Africa, Human rights in the developing World and Critical thinking . Given my previous work experience in the NGO sector and keen interest in Africa, South Asia and Middle East area studies. I hope that SOAS will provide me with the opportunity of giving me a platform to pursue my academic interests so that my professional aspirations do not remain a dream, but become a reality.

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