The Impact of Puritans on the Development of America and Its Influence on Modern Society

The Impact of Puritans on the Development of America and Its Influence on Modern Society

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The Impact of Puritans on the Development of America and its influence on modern society

The Puritans came to America in search of greater freedom for religious liberty. They felt unable to worship and practice their theological perspectives as long as they were under the umbrella of the Church of England. The puritans views with the Church of England began differ greatly and they felt they could no longer be under their control. The Puritans decided that they needed to break free from the Church of England and find a place where they could practice their religion without persecution or interference. The new world in the American colonies provided a great opportunity for the Puritans to branch out and form their own communities with their own religion and government. During this time there were two prominent figures in the growth of the Puritans movement in America, Jonathon Winthrop and Roger William. Jonathon Winthrop was the first governor of Massachusetts and served as such for twenty years. Winthrop’s brand of Puritan theology was one of setting up communities and purifying it of all non-believers. Winthrop believed that the government should be ruled with a theocracy and imposed laws with this view in mind. Roger Williams differed in Winthrop’s in that he believed everyone should have freedom to worship as they saw fit and not just the Puritans themselves.
“Williams was a spiritual or theological separatist whose relentless quest was to separate the true church from theological impurity and the unclean world. (Williams, his critics said, even refused fellowship with his own wife when he thought she was insufficiently pure in her spiritual life.) He contested an essential premise of the Puritans’ New England commonwea...

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...e have left a lasting footprint on many aspects of the heart of America. They introduced to us the political, social and cultural freedoms that we enjoy in our modern society. The idea that government and individual freedom could coexist and become a cohesive unit became a reality for these men. The legacy of the Puritans can still be felt today as freedom loving Americans exercise their freedom to worship and pursue the dream of happiness as they see fit.
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The Impact of Puritans on the Development of America and Its Influence on Modern Society

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