The Impact Of Print Media On The World Essay

The Impact Of Print Media On The World Essay

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Allow me to pose a question: where do you live? A second question, do you live in the suburb, rural area, or the metropolitan area? The third question, where and how do you get news and information the most? The answers of all these questions affect your point of view on answering the title of this article. Print media generally refers newspaper, magazine and other paper-bound reading materials which aim to disseminate information. Today in 2016, with the advancement of technology, digital media are soaring and gaining audience. It is incontrovertibly multidimensional and more engaging – video, livestream, immediate high quality-pictures. Yet, proven by substantial statistics, print is currently holding a vital role in media consumption in the world. Hence, should not be undervalued and eliminated. Some digital readers mistakenly believe that the recent decline of paper circulation is a sign of putting a period to the industry. Yet magazine circulation is rising and newspaper remains the most-used method to consume media content.
Surprising to some of the readers, print media are currently the most preferred platform for those who actively seek out community information and news. Despite the greatest decline in circulation, print remains the most vital platform for newspaper distribution. According to the Pew Research Center, in 2015, print circulation makes up 78% and 86% of weekday and all Sunday newspaper circulations respectively. Studies analytics show that most Americans who read newspaper still prefer and are consuming through the traditional way. It is therefore reckless and neglecting to simply obliterate print media and newspaper with the reason of declining in overall print consumption.
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... digital’s 60 billion dollars (Lu and Holcomb). From the general advertiser’s perspective, print still remains their first choice in selling and exposing their brands, simply because it is more effective in searching for potential customers.
Nonetheless, the psychology of print papers is in-negligible. Alyssa Blusm, contributor to The Wake, says that “Print media is immune to becoming lost in the shuffle of constantly updated electronic media, and has the added benefit of being used as homey, intelligent bookcase décor.” Although it might sound unintelligent or foolish to mention the reader’s fond to a print paper or book. It should also be put into consideration. Blusm also reminded reader a great point, “how their [books’] batteries don’t die in the middle of a chapter…” The psychological and sensual appeal of physical papers and books are, for now, irreplaceable.

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