The Impact of Police Technology Essay

The Impact of Police Technology Essay

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Technology is modifying the way police departments function. It is crucial for law enforcement agencies to stay up-to-date with continuing technological evolutions. In this essay, I will identify four trends in technology as they relate to police operations. I will describe the future police operation models of the four trends in technology that I have chosen. I will describe in detail the impact that the use of these technology items has on law enforcement agencies and the public.
Due to the numerous complaints and lawsuits file claiming racial profiling, law enforcement agencies hunted for aggressive ways to end partiality policing. The first technology that I will discuss is the police in car video camera (dash camera). The benefits that the in car video camera provides to law enforcement are: improves officer safety, improves officer training, improves public opinion, preserves the chain of evidence, resolves complaints, improves officer’s professionalism and performance, and improves agency leadership, (Westphal, 2013).
The in car video system has definitely impacted the safety of officers. Possible threatening situations were demilitarized when citizens were informed that they were being recorded. Officers often use their recorded video as a way of analyzing their own actions. The in car video system is an excellent training tool for new officers. The videos from the in car video system are often used for in-service training to emphasize suitable behavior and operations, to establish improper procedures and actions, to improve social skills and officer safety practices (Rayfield, 2013).
It is the belief of the citizens that the in car video system is a great tool for law enforcement agencies to use, because it ...

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