The Impact Of Native Peoples On The Native Americans Essay

The Impact Of Native Peoples On The Native Americans Essay

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The impact of the non-Native peoples on the Native Americans is something that has been looked at throughout history. Even before Lewis and Clark’s famous expedition of the Louisiana Purchase, Plains Indians had to deal with the introduction of Europeans into their lands. Lewis and Clark still found an ancient world, but the effects of trading and interaction with outsiders continued to change the world of the Native Americans. With the introduction of new people came new, modern technology that catapulted the tribes out of their ancient land into the modern West. The European explorers and settlers brought along horses, firearms, weapons, alcohol, furs, cookware, farming equipment and even diseases. While some impacted the Indians lives in positive ways, even more ended up dramatically changing the social organization and cultural ideals of the native people. In this essay I will explain specific items introduced to the American Indians, show the impact of these new technologies on the Native Americans, and display the positive and negative results from the invasion of non-Native Americans into the land of the Plains Indians.
One of the most fascinating treasures the Europeans brought to the Indians was the horse. Originally introduced by the Spaniards, horses to the Native Americans made the tribes more mobile and allowed for easier hunting with the buffalo herds. Horses also improved life in the Plains for the tribes. A Crow woman named Pretty Shield retold stories of her grandmother and how hard traveling was before the horse. Tribes would walk on foot and load packs onto dogs, but older members would frequently be left behind to die. “All this was changed by the horse. Even old people could ride” (pg 37). The horse became s...

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...ding and wartime benefits brought to the Native American with the addition of horses and guns, the harmful effects of the Europeans’ diseases outweigh all of them. These were some of the most dramatic times for the Indians as their old way of life was completely changed by the non-Native peoples and their old world would never be the same. Arguably, the impact of the white man on the Indians was more harmful as they learned about vices they never cared to know. A Chief admitted that Indians had now grown accustomed to that had come at a cost. “The white people came, they brought with them some good, but they brought the small pox and they brought evil liquors; the Indians since diminish and no longer happy” (pg 5). It is hard to deny the negative impact the interactions with the Europeans had on the lives of the Great Plains Indians in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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