Essay about The Impact of Information Literacy Level of IT Professionals on Design

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Emergence of the Internet exacerbated the information overload issue. In fact, the “highly unstructured nature” of the Internet contributed to the huge flow of the information (Klausegger, Sinkovic and Zou, 2007; Edmunds & Morris, 2000). Mengis and Eppler (2004) in a rich literature review suggested many solutions offered to tackle this phenomenon. Among the solutions were suggestions for equipping the users with information literacy skills (Badke, 2010; Bawden, 2001; Koniger & Janowitz, 1995; Edmunds & Morris, 2000, Cheuk, 2008) as well as considerations for information delivery systems (Kim et al., 2007) and information compression, aggregation and structuring ways (Ackoff, 1967; Grise & Gallupe, 1999/2000; Hiltz & Turoff, 1985, Iselin, 1988; Koniger and Janowitz, 1995; Scammon, 1977 Cited in Eppler and Mengis, 2004) such as in websites and the dependant important factors like content structures and quality (Edmunds & Morris, 2000).
An inherent consequence of such an approach towards the latter mentioned solution plus the consideration of the impact of WWW on all aspects of the daily life of people (Badke, 2009; Groc, 2005) resulted in the increasingly importance of websites quality in regard to meeting the users’ needs (Thielsch & Hirschfeld, 2010) with a strong focus on usability as an important indicator of quality (Hub & Zatloukal, 2009). However, usability studies mostly consider the presentation and functionality of websites rather than the information itself while for years, the concerns of website users have been first information and then delivery mechanism respectively that is wrong information with the best presentation may cause a design with significant usability problems which does not assist users with their t...

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...hey experience information literacy and its impact on their performance is of primary importance.
3- Given the emerging nature of the workplace information literacy (Hepworth & Smith, 2008; Lloyd & Williamson, 2008), the arguments about generalisation of information literacy concept form educational to workplace context (Hepworth & Smith, 2008) and also the considerable importance of this concept to the success of businesses (Breivik, 2005; De Saulles, 2007; Lloyd, 2003; Oman, 2001; O’Sullivan, 2002), it is neccessary to have a more holistic overview of these people’s information literacy experiences.
Therefore, conducting this research, we will be able to gain an understanding of the ways the website designers experience information literacy and the impact of these experiences on the structure of the websites they design which have never been considered before.

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