The Impact Of Influence Of Influences On Individual Essay

The Impact Of Influence Of Influences On Individual Essay

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1.1 (A) The impact of influences on individual one (John) development

John is 14 years old and is in the Adolescence stage of development.

Adolescence happens between the ages of 12 and 18. Adolescence is the stage in an individual’s when they begin to find their own independence and identity (who they are). The individuals appearance and body begins to change they start to go through puberty.
They begin to depend less on their parents and become more influenced by their peer group.
Feeling as if they need to fit in and be accepted as part of a group. This age group usuallly start to experiment with many different things which may include alcohol, drugs, clothing, hairstyles etc.
John has faced many challenges in this stage of development which can affect his strands of development. A strand of development which has been affected is his Social strand normally this is when the individual has the need to interact with others and to feel like they belong. This can be through family, friends those who attend the same group etc. The individual begins to develop relationships and social roles, these roles allow individuals to develop knowledge, experience and qualities.
John lost his father because of a car crash and moved in with his father’s parents. This can affect Johns need to feel as if he belongs and to also form relationships with others. As his fathers parents are unhappy about them living there and don’t allow friends to visit John which means he is less influenced by them and unable to be with people who share the same interests as he does, john enjoys playing football and plays for his school, but his family believes he should be doctor. This difference of opinion causes a divide between john and his grandfather affe...

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...e and socialisation from those around us. The way we deal and manage these depends on the experiences we have in life.
We learn through imitation and observing, we also learning by making links (associations) through ABC.
A is an antecedent, which can be an event or a “trigger” which then leads to B.
B is behaviour, which is the individual’s response to the “trigger”. The response can be an action by saying or doing something.
C is the consequence, which can be either negative or positive; depending on the consequence, the individual will be more likely to repeat the behaviour or will be less likely to repeat the behaviour.
This approach can explain johns behaviour as when he acts out in anger there are no consequences for his behaviour so he is more likely to repeat it, leaving it to escalate and worsen over time. If there was consequences for johns behaviour

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