Nature versus Nurture

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Perhaps one of the most common issues presented in Psychology today is the issue of Psychological Development. There are many factors the affect an individual’s development physically, mentally, and socially. However, perhaps the most controversial and debatable topic in regards to human development is the issue between Nature and Nurture. Nature and nurture are two opposite things that play an influence on the life of an individual. Many psychologists agree that both aspects of the issue play an important role in the lives of all individuals. However, there is an obvious discrepancy between the ideas of psychologists when discussing which aspect of development plays more of a significant role towards development. Even before psychology was founded by Wilhelm Wundt, the role of both nature and nurture have shown much importance people of all ages. After careful examination of both subjects, one can distinguish between which has more of an impact on development, but it is undeniable that both have an impact on the lives of every individual. The topic of discussion is the decision between which topic in regards to Human Development is more important in psychology: Nature or Nurture. Every individual can tackle the question at hand in many different ways. However, it is important to first have a clear understanding and definition about the controversy and both aspects involved in it. Nature vs. Nurture is a debatable topic in which one must decide what is more important to a child’s development: his or her genetic and hereditary qualities or the environment and external influences that shape him or her into the being he or she becomes. Nature is defined as the traits passed down to an individual by the means of reproduction and gene... ... middle of paper ... ...all relatives. Brandweek, 45(33), 22. Retrieved from Glass, J. (2000, Dec). Nature vs nurture. Parenting, 13, 156-164. Retrieved from Henderson, M. (2001). The dependent gene: The fallacy of nature vs. nurture. Library Journal, 126(19), 95. Retrieved from Kenny, D. (2001). Nature vs nurture. In Reader's guide to the social sciences. Retrieved from LeDoux, J. E. (1998). Nature vs. nurture: The pendulum still swings with plenty of momentum. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 45(16), B7-B8. Retrieved from
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