Essay about Impact Of Globalization On Our Lives

Essay about Impact Of Globalization On Our Lives

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Impacts of Globalization
Globalization is the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments of different nations via international trade and investment, as well as informational technology. Development of world views, ideas, and products have helped it to become what it is today. Throughout Kelsey Timmerman’s book Where Am I Wearing?, it is presented as a major theme. In the book, there are many positive and negative impacts of globalization that are discussed. These include increases in competition among nations around the world, greater forms of culture and ideas being produced, an unbalance of economy between the rich and the poor, and many more. As well as the impacts of globalization being discussed, there are many more ideas such as how it affects daily life, how the positives and negatives outweigh each other, and who is harmed/benefited by it.
Globalization has greatly impacted my life and is continuing to impact it, in both positive and negative ways. It has had a positive impact because it has allowed for greater communication between individuals around the world, as well as ones in the same neighborhood. If I wanted to talk to a friend who lives 100 miles away, then I could chat with him on a messaging application such as Skype or Facebook, rather than having to go visit him. Also, if there was some information that I was not aware of, then I could go online and search for it, and it would be easily found. It has had negative impacts on my life because it has caused for a greater demand on goods, which results in there being a shortage, and that, prevents those goods from reaching to me. Also, due to fuel emissions, it increases the chance of pollutants being released into the air, whi...

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...on can occur on any level, except one--the workers aren’t in a position to exploit anyone.” (Timmerman, pg 7). This unbalance of profit has led to unfair rights for many people, and is still continuing today.
In conclusion, globalization is a process that has its pros and cons, yet is still very useful to society. Despite the fact that some are harmed by it, many others believe it to be a favored method that allows for stronger communication and easier methods of completing business. Kelsey Timmerman’s journey across the world has brought in greater ideas about globalization and has shared information that was never before known. With new information being revealed, it has had many effects on the world, both positive and negative. These impacts have shaped today’s society, whether in a good or bad way, and is continuing to shape it via many new methods and ideas.

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