Benefits Of Globalization

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Globalization is associated with bringing together world economies and cultures. Globalization is a controvertible conception. This allows powerful corporation change local enterprises and in the future make the gaps big between, rich people and poor people. The benefits of an international market to integrated where labour, ideas, capital and goods can be free and to promote the economic development all of the levels in the society. Globalization is a process to interact and integrate among companies, people and the governments of other nations. Globalization is process which international organization, corporations, individuals and communities has become more interconnected with politics, cultures and the earths environment. “It is characterized…show more content…
(Yourdictionary, n.d.). You can also export and import products from other countries. Culture products can be send to other countries because people who are living in another country but they are not in their own country, they will able to access to those products. This can connect to immigrants coming to another country for safety because maybe in their country there is war. Also people go to other countries to find proper jobs and to educate themselves better in order for them to find high paying job.
The long term benefits of globalizations include prosperity, security, and enrichment. This has beneficial process has occurred throughout the human history. (Point: Globalization Provides a Better Life for All., 2015) Firstly, globalization is a validate force to introduced prosperity. The countries that has opened their economy to international trade, capital flow and competition has only experience economic development. (Point: Globalization Provides a Better Life for All., 2015) Globalization has decreased the number of people living in poverty
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South Korea was poor country as Ghana and this was 30 years ago when this happen. The trade has made it better to grow to become rich as Portugal in 2008. The second benefit of globalization is that supports is security. “The expanding circle of free trade increases security because economic growth establishes a successful middle class with the money and power to exercise its right of choice in both consumer and political areas.” Social and economic status has improved; for example, women of how globalization promotes security. Women that are educated are provide The pros in a competition world. Generally, have less children than women that are not educated. Able to make production and dramatic development to a country’s economy and industries. Women tend to spend on education, health,

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