Essay on Immigrants Have Threatened The Job Opportunity For Residents

Essay on Immigrants Have Threatened The Job Opportunity For Residents

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Camarota (2007, p.1), a director of the Immigration Studies Center, reports the data from Census Bureau, the United States department of commerce, there are 1.6 million legal and illegal migrants come to the U.S annually. Camarota goes on to say that the immigrants now take up one-eighth of the total population, who are residing in the U.S. Namely, the number of immigrant population with a rapid growth. While immigration could positively impact on the culture of the host country, it is no denying that aliens must reduce the work opportunity for native, increase the cost of the host country, and trigger social unrest.
Convincing arguments apparently are made that immigrants have threatened the job opportunity for residents. Most of the advocates who are of this opinion argue that migration increases competitive pressure on the locals. Farkas points out that people realize they cannot fulfill their American dream if they were not hard-working (2003, p.2). In other words, there is a vast number of foreign-born who choose immigrant to the U.S. in pursuit of the American dream of freedom, happiness, and opportunity. They work hard since nothing is free. Camarota (2007, p.1) further states that the quantity of unemployed worker for locals rose by 2 million and up to 23 million, while the migrant worker grew by 1.5 million for inferior education people from 2000 to 2005. In other words, American even lost their job as the increase of foreign-born since they are favored by the employer. According to Waldinger (as cited in Stansfield, 2013, p. 505), new arrivals with the power of attraction by the boss due to their prestige of hard work which raises their competitiveness over the low-income group. Normally, people who pick up imm...

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...diversity lead people lack trust. Compared to people from identical groups, the confidence of neighbors who from different groups will cut by 50 percent (Jonas, 2007, p.1). In other words, diversity will decrease interpersonal trust. Thus, in reality, adverse impacts of the cultural diversity for immigration outweigh the positive ones.
In conclusion, all these three aspects: hurt the opportunity of the native, imposes a heavy financial burden, lead the increase of crime rate have apparently figured that the immigration has an adverse impact on the host country, and the natives. Even though the migrants who come from various countries may develop the cultural diversity, it will also decrease the trust between people. Therefore, I recommend the government of the host country should prevent the increasing of immigrants in order to solve the problem of immigration.

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