Imagine a World Without Technology Essay

Imagine a World Without Technology Essay

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Imagine living in a world where technology didn’t exist. That iPhone you have, computer you’re reading on, or even that nice car you drive, all gone with a single blink of an eye. The world you would be living in would be nothing but an empty, dark and cold place. You would have to learn to adapt to a new way of life. That’s why today, with the incredible breakthroughs in technology, the world is becoming more and more evolved. The technology we use today, whether it is the simple things we take for granted, like a refrigerator, to the incredible medical innovations that are saving lives, all benefit us in many ways. People in today’s generation have become so adapt to technology that others, mostly people of older generations, are beginning to think that they are becoming too dependent on it, but my experience shows that although technology is relied on a lot today, it has also provided us with many benefits along the way.
The biggest advantage technology provides us, is with its aim to make people’s lives easier and more efficient. With technology people can do things that they would not have been able to do without it, like fly to another country, or listen to music on an iPod. Inventions such as the car, train, and airplane, have made it easier for people to travel long distances in a shorter period of time. It has also made the transportation of goods and resources easier to do and more efficient. Other inventions, such as electricity, heat, and light are all major contributors to the welfares that yield to a more comfortable life. Without electricity people would not really have any technology, since there wouldn’t be any power to produce it. Among the other things that technology has provided us, we also have the Inter...

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...logy keep us from doing things such as, playing outside on a nice day or reading a book. Also, even though I grew up with technology I still as a child, did not have a computer or a phone, but instead puzzles and coloring books. I don’t believe that young children, like in society today, should have cellphones or computers. I think they should let their minds develop by playing with toys or playing outside instead of videogames, indoors. Although I believe that we are not becoming too dependent on technology, I do believe that we shouldn’t overuse the leisure of it. Technology is the future, and the direction we are heading in, new things are being invented everyday, and although we should not let it completely take over us, we should accept it. If we let machines completely take over us, we would lose the meaning of living life and experiencing the world.

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