Essay about The Image Of Cigarettes Kill Just As Bullets

Essay about The Image Of Cigarettes Kill Just As Bullets

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This advertisement has a really strong image depicting cigarettes kill just as bullets
of a revolver. The ad presents as a photograph with a computer generated image of a black gun
with the chambers out, with attention-grabbing cigarettes in the chamber where bullets would be
located. The picture has a white background, which makes the image stand out and allows the
viewers to focus on the gun. The picture lacks color, which signifies death and give a feeling
of uneasiness. The lack of any bright color in the ad also takes out any happy emotion. The color in the ad creates an unsettling atmosphere. Someone young will feel uncomfortable and worried about their future by seeing the ad. The ad is more figurative, as it’s impossible for a gun to shoot cigarettes that could turn into a weapon and kill someone.Although, when one sees a picture of a gun, they may wonder if their decision to smoke was the right one. The ad means cigarettes can kill just as bullets in a gun can. The gun in the ad is used as a method of persuasion. For example, each time a person lights a cigarette it’s like putting bullets in the gun and pointing it at their head, until one of the puffs is last, as the trigger is being pulled.The smoker is the only person that can save their own life and if they continue to smoke they will be on the road to death. At the top left of the ad it reads “smoking kills”. The message is set off to the side to allow the person to absorb the symbolic image. This message portrays to the smokers that they are in control of their own demise. Anti-smoking ads have been around for a long time to deter people from smoking. This ad does its job by representing that cigarettes are just as dangerous as guns are. When people smoke a cigarett...

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...let can kill as well. This ad can also appeal to older people that have been smoking awhile. It is showing that smoking cigarettes is life threatening and encouraging them to stop. Despite the few amount of words this ad shows, it displays depth and insight with the dramatic picture. The ad is bold, shocking with a dark appeal, and is trying to scare people. Even if you are older, it isn’t too late to stop smoking. They could begin to think about their family and loved ones and how they would feel if they died from smoking. After quitting smoking body starts to repair the damages. Within 2-3 months your risk for a heart attack decreases. Also, within 5-15 years the risk of a stroke is that of a non smoker. Smoking deadens the body 's smell and taste, but after just hours of quitting nerve ending start to grow back. It is never too late to quit, no matter what age.

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