Illegal Immigration Should Not Be Enforced Essay

Illegal Immigration Should Not Be Enforced Essay

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In today’s media, illegal immigrants to America are often viewed as criminals and rapists, when, in fact, that is incorrect. Jörg Spenkuch, a researcher at Northwestern University says "There’s essentially no correlation between immigrants and violent crime." The idea that immigrants are violent lawbreakers is nothing more than a distorted conception born out of hatred and fear. I believe that America should welcome immigrants with open arms, especially when immigration is what influences America the most. While I partially agree with Ruben Martinez’s position in his article “The Crossing”, I think that it should be much more simple for someone to legally immigrate to America, and that preventing illegal immigration should still be enforced.
In the documentary “The U.S.-Mexican Border: When Citizens Get Involved”, by Bruno Boelpaep, Virginie Boucqueau, and Caroline Dufrane, the position is very pro-illegal immigration. I agree with how the wall only makes the cross to America more dangerous, and those that want to seek a better life for their family will risk their own to enter America. I believe that people who are in a situation like that need our help the most, and the system for legal immigration to this country needs to be simplified, if not to provide a better life and future for those in need, but to save their lives. However, in the documentary, I believe that the people known as the Minute Men were portrayed unfairly, even though almost all their remarks towards the border and illegal immigration were questionable. For example, when criticized of being racist by the interviewer, the leader of the Minute Men refutes by saying “The people who are protesting are clearly more racist themselves, by saying that other people are...

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...elony charges.” I disagree with how the activists were charged with a federal crime when they saved lives. In any instance, if a live can be saved, then I believe it should be done. In the case of immigrants trying to cross over to America, the dangerous conditions that are faced in order to come here should make it obvious of how we need to protect people’s lives. Even if they are illegal immigrants, they are still human.
Even though I think illegal immigration should still be restricted, legal immigration needs to be made more easy for Mexicans who wish to come to America. The reason that most people want to come here is simply to seek a better life for their families, and I think it’s wrong to deny that. Especially when most of the immigrants are leaving everything behind, coming with nothing, and risking everything just to make a better life for those they love.

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