The Ideology Of Gender Equality Essay

The Ideology Of Gender Equality Essay

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The ideology of gender equality is present in Hinduism, but is not followed within the religious community or in the Indian society. Despite the single chromosome difference between genders, this biological variation has multifaceted religious, social, and economic implications. The question remains how religions such as Hinduism or Christianity can emphasize spiritual equality, yet condone, perpetuate, and justify the practice of gender inequality especially in the work force. This issue of patriarchy affects woman not only in India, but also throughout the world including the United States. In order to evoke a change within society, it is important to understand the mechanisms and justifications for spiritual equality without societal equality and how Hinduism might be able to bring India closer social equality.
Hindus believe in spiritual equality of males and females on an existential level as a representation of enlightenment. This theme of spiritual equality within Hinduism is best described by the overcoming of ignorance through knowledge. In particular, the Stetassvata Upanisad states “knowledge and deliverance do not differ between sexes.” Furthermore, the overall principle of the atma found in a Sruti text declares we are all clay pots composed of clay (the infinite) implies equality. Therefore, contemplating the true meaning of atma or self one can logically conclude, if males and females are composed of identical spiritual matter, we are created as equals.These doctrinal premises allowed gurus to justify spiritual equality between genders yet both in the United States and India inequality still exists. My question became if knowledge and deliverance are not different why should there be two different spheres of men’...

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... work (Rambachan, 2015, 108). The question remains why do religious leaders advocate for gender spiritual equality while condoning social inequality?
Additional support for the misguided discrepancy of spiritual verses societal gender equality in Hinduism is the Festival of Holi. During the festival, traditional roles of servitude are reversed. Women can assault their husbands, abstain from doing chores, and are allowed to make decisions as a representation of “how Krishna taught us to love.” If Krishna, a reincarnation of God, taught humans to love through role reversals, shouldn’t the ultimate display of love be social equality and undefined gender roles? Further, if love is understanding each gender others perspectives, wouldn’t sharing responsibilities and decision making daily be the ultimate pathway to not only demonstrate love, but gain liberating knowledge?

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