women in religion

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Women around the globe have suffered death by stoning, excommunication, beatings, and much more all by the hand of religion and those who misinterpret religious teachings. For centuries women have been treated as second class citizens in religion. The major world faiths that seem to be the worst offenders are Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. After conductioning a student survey 70% of high school students believe there is still women in oppressed by religion. Discrimination of women in religion is alive as ever, and booming in today’s religion based world.
Adam and Eve, Marriage rules and over all treatment of women all favor men with in the bible, It is clear that a man is destined to rule over a woman, and with Gods word as a backing how could a christan lady escape. It starts with the creation of man according to the New Testament which was interrupted from the Old Testament predating the coming of Jesus. And so on the sixth day god created man, “from that man God made a woman. He gave them only one rule that you may not eat from the forbidden tree. By deception Eve eats said forbidden fruit and give some to her husband.” (Genesis 1:27). It is in this well knowing story of man that true prejudice against women begins. A woman is made for a man. God gives Adam a woman, Eve, so he is not to be lonely, and there begins ownership of a woman. It appears that a man is superior to a woman, the story of Adam and eve conveys the message that women as a gender are response able for the sins of man creating a superiority complex for men, causing discrimination of women associated with religion. Marriage is a scarred communion of two people, this unification, is a mans game in the eyes of the church. Wife duty is to obey her husband a...

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...ves there is no solution to the oppression of women, but maybe if everyone in organized religion decided that equal was the only way progress than the problem would be fixed. Unfortunate this option seems like a long shot.
Discrimination of women ins not a thing of the past, these examples show that oppression of women in religion is still practiced. This short essay clearly shows the inclination of religion toward the male species. Religion can escape this prehistoric way of thinking if only people of faith cared enough to exsurt the effort to create change. Religion needs activist’s agnist oppression because if no advances are made then the faithful followers of the sprirt are regressing to neatdral times. Religion has done good for the people of the world in the past, but it not meeting its potential because of the discrimination against half of its followers.
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