Ideology about Human Differences Essay examples

Ideology about Human Differences Essay examples

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In the middle of the 20th century, a new generation of historians began to take another look at the beginnings of the American experience and they spent years exploring the original documents relating to the establishment of colonies in America. Their research reveals that the 19th and 20th century beliefs about races did not exist in the 17th century. Race originated as a folk idea and ideology about human differences; it was a social invention. Historians have documented when, and to a great extent, how race as an ideology came into our culture and our consciousness. It begins with Jamestown in Virginia. This was settled by English colonists in 1607 and from the start the town was rough, crude and considered turbulent. The community was made up of young Englishmen who came to seek their fame and fortunes in the New World. The settlers hoped to obtain wealth by conquering and enslaving the native peoples. However, the Indians in the New World did not take well to slavery and many died of European diseases, while others escaped to outside territories. The area did not produce gold and silver as the settlers hoped but tobacco was discovered. This crop in trade would bring them the wealth they sought. Growing and processing tobacco required very hard work and the settlers were faced with a lack of labor. Within ten years, the Jamestown colony began to import indentured servants from England. The pattern of servitude provided a model for the slavery that was to come later to the New World. History shows that the original Africans in America were not slaves but indentured servants and they participated in the communities as the English indentured servants. It was not until the 18th century that racial slavery was established (...

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...or those murdered men. Why was only one person tried when there were other men who participated in the murders that were still alive and could be tried as well? I suppose there was not enough evidence to convict these other individuals. Because of Klan membership and small town relationships, there has to be many who know what happened and who was involved. How can someone know what happened and not share that information? This shows that there are still feelings of racism or possibly fear, that keep those that know from telling anyone. This is sad and most unfortunate for I believe that as long as this is the case, relationships will never get past the ‘perceived’ differences in race.

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