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In the early 1900’s racism was a force to be reckoned with, but not knowing the dangers of the south, Emmett Till was unaware of his actions and the consequences. While visiting his uncle in Mississippi Emmett Till was murdered for whistling at a white woman. Not knowing the dangers of the south Emmett acted like his casual, cocky self. Emmett Till’s death is thought to be the spark of the Civil Rights Movement (Crowe). Even though everyone knew who had murdered Emmitt, the men were never put to justice or charged. Emmett Louis Till was 14 year old black boy from Chicago, who had never been to the south and did not know what went down in the south. Emmett’s father Louis Till was killed in WWII. His mother Mamie Till was a single mother that worked long hours. Emmett was going down to Mississippi to visit his uncle and his cousins (Mamie Till). According to his mother he was a nice cocky boy that loved to talk. This gives us a little insight of how lightly Emmett would take his visit to the south. Also according to his family he was childish, playful, and mischievous (Mamie Till). Now knowing how Emmett Till acted it is easier to see who he was and why he did the thing he did. Emmett Till went down to Mississippi with his cousins to visit their …show more content…

But back then there were no black people in law enforcement. The two men were only tried for kidnapping and not for murder (Mamie Till). This just explains how vague the police and FBI searched to really find out what had happened. There were witnesses to the kidnapping (Emmett’s Family) but, they still did not find the men guilty due to lack of evidence. The trial was a two week speedy trial and the men were never convicted of anything (Gale Student Recourses). Adding to the fact that the trial was speedy, there was a decent amount of evidence to tie the men to kidnapping but, with the all-white jury there was really no chance of justice

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