Identity And Identity : The Hulk 's Alter Identity Essay

Identity And Identity : The Hulk 's Alter Identity Essay

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Almost everyone has some type of an alter identity. Some alter identities may be obvious and others might hide them better. The Hulk’s alter identity/ego is Bruce Banner. Bruce transforms into the Hulk under emotional stress or his will power to accomplish things. When Bruce changes physically to a green muscular figure, he changes emotionally as well because he is living a double life. Comic heroes tend to disguise their hero identity because it may be based on their past, and what they want to accomplish. Dual identities not only create two characters, but two appearances as well. It is hard to control their emotional state at all times, which leads to complications in life. Having an alter identity creates a life where they can go back, at least temporarily, until they have to go back to the reality. Dual identities will have one character as their real identity and the other to be somewhat normal, creating a double life. It is not only hard for comic heroes to control their alter identity, but mythological heroes as well. Heroes disguise their identity for a noble purpose, moral issues, freedom, protection, love, and even for themselves.
In the Picture of Dorian Gray, Dorian Gray grew up without a strong, loving family background. Dorian’s mother was Lady Margaret Devereux, who was very beautiful and she fell in love with a man far below her social class rank. “We loved each other very much. If he had lived, he would have made provision for us. Don’t speak against him, my son. He was your father, and a gentleman. Indeed, he was highly connected” (Wilde 75). Lady Margaret’s family did not approve her husband’s social class difference so her father, Lord Kelso, arranged for his son-in-law to be killed in a duel....

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... is best (Marvel). Hulk joins and eventually leads a superhero team called Pantheon to provide security for his people, fighting rebel forces (Marvel). In contrast, Hulk and Prometheus both protect their people, but in different ways.
In conclusion, secret identities are used sometimes to protect themselves from many different situations. Sometimes dual identities want to be kept hidden because they want to protect their friends, family, and to fight villains. Dual identities allow the characters to have two different identities, such as Hulk and Bruce Banner. Hulk has many secret identities in order to protect his people. Bruce can live his ordinary live, and Hulk can help save the world. In Hulk’s case, he was allowed to be a scientist and the monsters are one, and the same. Dual identity allows characters too not truly be one, but truly be two people.

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