Comparing Beowulf and Superman

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The epic Beowulf shows us how a mans’ character is tested as he encounters difficult situations. The unknown author of Beowulf, leaves behind a mystique, an intriguing quality with which the character which hold our interest. The modern-day hero, Superman, also possesses these same qualities. Their modest actions are what helped these hero’s to become their peoples’ “ideal man.” The first quality that earns a person’s respect between Beowulf and Superman is wealth. Neither of these men had a considerable amount of money. This helps the every day man relate to them more easily. In the epic, Beowulf’s home is far away from his lord’s castle. We get the sense that Beowulf is an outcast because of the lengthy distance to reach his kingdom. In stories such as these, the outcasts are perceived to be the poorer of the people in the kingdom. Like Beowulf, Superman lives in seclusion from the society in which he lives. He apartment is purposely set on the opposite side of town from everyone he works with. In relation to the common man’s life-style, we can easily assume that Superman does not make much money. This fact is defined by Superman’s day job as a reporter for the city of Metropolis. The “ideal man” of past and present has to posses the quality of intelligence. Beowulf shows great intelligence in his approach towards his battles. In his battle with Gre...

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